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IFL Housing provides house loans to those with informal income with customizable...    Read More

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We are housing finance company that cares about the housing dreams of informal income spectrum. You aspire for a house and we help you to build your dream castle. National Housing Bank approved; IFL Housing Finance is amongst the first organizations in India to claim disbursal in 3 days. The epicenter of our firm lies in helping people across all over India to give shape to their dreams in the form of houses. Turning dreams into reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMI is Equated Monthly Installment that one has to repay to the lender, against the Home Loan availed, on monthly basis in order completely pay-back the loan. This EMI comprises both principal and interest. Repayment through EMIs commences from the month following the month in which Home Loan amount is disbursed to you.
In the case of an under-construction property or in any event requiring loan payment in tranches, IFLHFL disburses Home Loan amount in tranches based on the progress of the construction or as per the tranche requirement. Until the loan amount is fully disbursed, only simple interest as per the agreed rate, linked to PLR, is payable. It is known as the Pre-EMI. The Pre-EMI is also applicable when the date of disbursement and the first EMI due date is less than 30 days
The Government’s decision of Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) to 6.5% will bring the EMIs of Affordable Home Loan significantly down. Home buyers from Low Income Group will be paying less on a Home Loan for the tenure of 15 years. This Subsidy will be a major relief for daily earners, semi-skilled and self-employed professionals.
This scheme caters to professionals and urban population of various income groups. It will benefit daily earners to semi-skilled to self-employed non-professinals / professionals as well as salaried customers whose annual Houshold income is upto Rs 18 lakhs.

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सोचा ना था की लोन लेना इतना आसान हो जाएगा। पहले मिलता नहीं था और अब सिर्फ़ 3 दिन में लोन!

Bahadur Singh Tenia

Service Man

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हमारा सपना था घर बनाने का पर बैंक के चक्कर लगाने से डरते थे। IFL ने ये तकलीफ़ आसान कर दी हमारे लिए

Kamla Devi


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हमारा खाता ही 1-2 साल पहले खुला था। कभी सोचा नहीं था की कोई हमें लोन भी दे सकता है घर के लिए। IFL ने हमारे लिए ये कर दिखाया

Jitender Kumar

Service Man

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हर घर की सुरक्षा के साथ किया अपने खुद के घर का शुभारंभ IFL के साथ

Kaushal Kumar singh

Security Supervisor

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कैब से घर तक का सफर IFL ने किया आसान !

Karuna and Raman luthra

Cab Driver

Board of Directors